Our own Eileen gives back! Read her story.

During this busy holiday time we want to share with you how many people are making a difference.  As many of you know, Eileen Clark is our fabulous Client Services Coordinator for Bikini Boot Camp but did you also know she owns her own company, Clark’s Critters, a successful and compassionate company devoted to walking, caring for and loving your pets while you are away, AND is very active in volunteering and giving back to the community?  Thank you Eileen for your fun loving spirit!  Here is Eileen’s wonderful story:

“As many of you know I take out an 86 year old man on Thursdays for shopping, banking, or just for coffee and to discuss how to keep the old ladies in the home away from him. :)  This is really a small thing to me, one hour each week, but I do know from his daughter that these visits mean the world to him and I'm very glad to be there.

I wanted to share an idea with all of you this Christmas.  Please have a look at this website:  www.santassecretservice.com.  These are seniors who may not have family around to spend time with during the holidays and might not even get any gifts at all this Christmas if not for the Secret Santas.  I know that most of us would rather have less shopping instead of more and the idea of one more day in the mall might push you over the edge. However, a few fairly generic items in with the rest of your shopping might mean a world of difference to a senior who would otherwise not get anything at all.

Please consider being a Secret Santa.  It's a great way to share the Christmas spirit!

Thank you!!

Eileen Clark
Clark’s Critters
Email:   eaclark@shaw.ca

Phone:  403-703-9625

Live like someone left the gate open.

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