Join Team Bikini for the Nike Women's Marathon, Oct 16, 2011, San Francisco!

Have you ever wanted to run in one of the most incredible, and most difficult to get in to, races in the world?  The 8th annual Nike Women's Full and Half Marathon, takes place October 16, 2011 in picturesque San Francisco, California.

Run, shop, and celebrate with Team Bikini and experience a beautiful course through San Francisco streets, a three-day Expotique in Union Square and receive an official finisher's necklace designed by Tiffany & Co, given to you by a fireman!

Register online with Team Bikini by April 18, 2011 to receive all of the details on how you can participate.  Entry to this race is by lottery only so be part of it with Team Bikini!

Being part of Team Bikini includes:

  • Exclusive access to Nike Women’s Marathon race registration details for  Team Bikini
  • World class run coaching by Bikini Boot Camp’s fabulous Coach Sheena! (see bio) 
  • 12 week training program to get you to your end goal (think Tiffany!) including “pre” training program
  • Team Bikini newsletters with helpful tips and pre race info for the 1st time runner and the experienced racer
  • Unlimited support from our Team Bikini online community
  • Connect you with other Team Bikini people in your area to train, motivate and celebrate with
  • Limited Edition Team Bikini apparel
  • Travel suggestions regarding hotel and flights and connect you with others to share a room
  • Pre race meet and greet with people in your area
  • While in San Francisco:

o    Saturday Morning Friendship Run

o    Race day meeting spot and group to run with

o    Post race celebration

o    All the information you need to make your race the most enjoyable

o    Endless cheers and support the whole weekend long!

  • Post Race photo sharing and celebration on our online community

Cost:  $174.99 + GST (Race Registration extra)

Sheena Denscombe, PTS

Sheena's love and passion for fitness started back in 2002 when she went through a major lifestyle change.  Sheena took fitness to heart and became a certified personal trainer, a running coach (middle and long distances), and an indoor cycling and fitness instructor who inspires you to reach your goals. Sheena's enthusiasm and motivation oozes from her pores.  And where she truly shines is as a run coach!

Sheena joined Bikini Boot Camp in 2007 and we are proud to have her as “Coach Sheena” for Team Bikini, San Francisco for the 3rd straight year!  Sheena’s role as coach is very diverse.  She acts as trainer, supporter, motivator, helper and friend.  She leads you from the beginning and celebrates with you as you cross the finish line.  And there is a lot of fun and laughter in between.  Her work as a running coach with Bikini Boot Camp, and also Health Matters Fitness and Team in Training, has truly earned her the name of Sheena, the crazy running lady!

The Most Fun You Can Have with Your (Running) Shoes On

By Darla Friedt, 2 time Team Bikini Nike Women’s Marathon Participant

In the Spring of 2009 I received the email from Bikini Boot Camp that a team was going to be put together for the Nike Women's Run in San Francisco.  I was aware of the lottery draw and thought I'd go ahead and put my name in knowing that the only thing I'd ever won in my life was a glow in the dark Hail Mary statue in grade 6 for winning bingo in French class.  Well, as luck would have it, Team Bikini was picked!

I hadn't run in years, many years and so I was thrilled to be able to do the training through Bikini Boot Camp.  Sheena was the trainer and WOW, did we all luck out with her.  The program was excellent and achievable, the participants were a wonderful bunch of ladies, the support was fantastic and the running got done.  I looked forward to the long Sunday runs not because I am a masochist but rather because of the friendships that were built and the time spent chatting, laughing, counselling and crying all while running.

An amazing race in a beautiful location, perfect for a rookie runner and there is no better team or trainer to train with.  Truly, it was the most fun one can have with running shoes on.  It was so much fun in fact, I ran it again in 2010 with Team Bikini!

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